Let’s start! Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment (hence its ending in .js alluding to the JavaScript language). This real-time runtime environment includes everything you need to run a program written in JavaScript. It also brings many benefits and solves many problems.

Node.js was created by the original JavaScript developers…

This is the first of the resources with which we are going to learn how to work with react, from the initial configuration. So without further ado, we are going to start this resource with a brief introduction.

What is React JS?

React is a JavaScript library that allows us to create complex user…

Changing the background

After working several years as auditor and feeling tired I saw one of my high school friends in a reunion and we talked about our jobs. He told me that he has been working as iOS developer and explained me how it was: “just working in front of the computer…

Ivan Farfan Razo

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